Aspen’s 5 Tips for Back to School.

A new school year can be exciting and stressful for both parents and children. These 5 tips will help prepare your home and family for the busy days ahead!

Sleep Routines

Switching from a summer, to a school schedule can be stressful for everyone in the household. Getting your child set for school starts by getting them ready for bed. Avoid first day of school mayhem by regulating their sleep schedule a week in advance. This, as well as a ‘no electronics near bedtime’ rule can be the best way to ease your child back into school year sleeping habits.

Supply Shop Early

Having all the right tools will help your child feel prepared. While keeping all the right supplies in mind, allow for a couple of splurges like a cool notebook, or a favourite-coloured pen. These simple pleasures make going back to school a lot more fun and exciting. Back-to-school shopping ensures your child is prepared to take on anything with a smile on their face.

Family Calendar

Shorter autumn days bring a hectic schedule filled with sports, activities and events. With this increase of schoolwork and extracurriculars, keeping track of everyone’s schedule in a household can be tough. Having a shared family calendar can be a great help in staying organized by keeping everyone's assignments, practices, appointments, and big events in one place for easy reminders and scheduling rides.

Homework / Academic goals for the year

Paper piles swell once hand-outs and homework stream into the house. If you stick to a homework routine from the start, it sets the standard for the whole year. Set academic goals and get the homework routine down early to feel more organized and less stressed throughout the school year.

Extracurricular Activities

Many schools will send out information about clubs, activities, and teams that are available for your child to partake in. Have a talk with them about what activities interests them, what they want to do, and if they can do it without compromising their academics. It’s all about a healthy, balanced lifestyle!