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In an effort to abide by social distancing and ensure the safety of our staff, customers and communities, we have moved our presentation centres completely online. You can continue to explore Aspen Ridge’s homes through our website, and you can reach our presentation centres by email, phone, video conference or live chat.


Healthier Living in Queensville.

With more than twenty-five years of family experience, the people of Aspen Ridge Homes come from a long line of distinguished builders and developers, whose philosophy embodies excellence, craftsmanship, quality and care. Tradition, expertise and commitment are what keep Aspen Ridge Homes strong. Building one fine community after another gives Aspen Ridge Homes the knowledge and expertise to identify with the needs of today’s homeowner, bringing us to present day Queensville. 

Queensville is an incredibly green community, with 129 acres preserved for parks, playgrounds, and schools, all connected by a network of cycling and walking paths, forested trails, ponds, and streams. Taking inspiration from the healthy and active surroundings, we’ve brought that freshness into our homes so you could enjoy better, safer indoor living.

At the heart of Aspen Ridge Homes is customer satisfaction. Every day, Aspen Ridge Homes strives to exceed customers’ expectations with an unwavering commitment to the design, construction and value of the homes they build through technological innovation. With the future in mind, we’ve included rough-ins to allow the future installation of electric vehicle charging systems. Furthermore, all our homes are ENERGY STAR certified! This means that our homes are air-sealed and built to be about 20% more energy efficient than typical new homes, reducing drafts and cold spots as a result, as well as reducing dust, pollen, and pests from getting inside. Every year, you can save the same amount of energy as watching 17 hockey seasons on TV, or running a refrigerator for 10 years! This not only means that it would help you save energy and money, but it’ll help the environment as well. Time and again, Aspen Ridge Homes builds communities of dreams that last a lifetime. 

A place to come home to. A reflection of you. A proud builder of a generation of homes that house a lifetime of memories. Aspen Ridge Homes knows that your home is not simply a house, it’s where you live. At Aspen Ridge Homes, we know that you expect nothing less than perfection. So let Aspen Ridge Homes help you build a lifetime of memories.

Come join us at Queensville’s Phase 2 Grand Opening this weekend, September 22nd and 23rd, 2018! At this exclusive Grand Preview Event, you can take advantage of our Special Incentive Package, only available to those who buy a home during this weekend event. Be sure to confirm your attendance by registering!




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