The Year of The Rooster.

The Year of The Rooster

All around the world, Chinese communities are preparing to launch their new year celebrations, the most important holiday in the Chinese calendar. With 2017 comes a new lunar calendar year too, and this year we’re celebrating the year of the rooster, specifically the fire rooster, beginning on January 28th!

The rooster is the tenth sign in the 12 year-cycle of Chinese zodiac signs. People born in a year of the Rooster include 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, and 2017. Roosters are very observant, hardworking, resourceful, courageous, and talented individuals who are very confident in themselves and their abilities. They are always active, amusing and popular with a crowd!

Luck in 2017 for a Rooster

Lucky numbers: 5, 7, 8 and numbers containing them
Lucky colours: gold, brown, yellow
Lucky flowers: gladiola and cockscomb
Lucky directions: south and southeast

Chinese New Year celebrations honour and celebrate a year of hard work and are a chance rest and relax with family. It is also believed that a good start to the year will lead to a prosperous coming year. How will you be marking the Year of the Rooster?

Check out these great festivities happening in the GTA in upcoming weeks.

Chinese New Year Gala
Where: The Sony Centre for Performing Arts
When: January 27th at 8pm

Chinese New Year Celebrations at Pacific Mall
Where: Pacific Mall
When: January 27th at 10pm

Dragon Ball 2017
Where: Allstream Centre at the Exhibition Place
When January 28th at 5:45pm

LunarFest 2017
Where: Metro Hall
When: February 4th & 5th

Toronto Chinese New Year Ball
Where: Hilton Suites in Markham
When: February 4th at 6pm

The Year of The Rooster: A Chinese New Year Celebration
Where: Roy Thomson Hall
When: February 4 at 7:30pm

To our many Chinese friends, everyone from Aspen Ridge Homes wishes you a year of happiness and good fortune! Gong Hey Fat Choy!