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In an effort to abide by social distancing and ensure the safety of our staff, customers and communities, we have moved our presentation centres completely online. You can continue to explore Aspen Ridge’s homes through our website, and you can reach our presentation centres by email, phone, video conference or live chat.


Stunning model interiors on The Hill.

The esteemed duo of McMillan and Pandora exude confidence and serendipity through beautiful furnishings, unique designs, and a commitment to both art and function, yet play with completely different styles. They make up our model homes at Observatory Hill, an unprecedented stargazing community by the David Dunlap Observatory surrounded by lush green space. This is where every square foot is designed with meaning.

Let’s explore what life at the top looks like.

Explore prestige with Pandora 

Playing at the intersection between minimalist and contemporary, Pandora is our 36', 4-bedroom Single boasting liberating interiors with compelling touches of artwork splashed throughout its unmatched spaces. Building materials take centre stage and are carefully sourced from the very best around the world.

Unleash your inner artist and lounge comfortably in a space that whispers a story if you listen closely enough. Whether you want to lounge indoors or outdoors, the choice is yours - discover a 133 sq.ft balcony and 380 sq.ft. terrace just for your own enjoyment.

“It’s subdued yet luxurious.” - Head Interior Designer, Sabrina Albanese.

With marble and stone fixtures, unique chairs and end tables — the distinctive aura of Pandora mingles well with a crowd or alone. Cozy up to a night in or host a grandiose party with your loved ones. It’s a space fit for the quietest and liveliest of moments.

Meet your match at the McMillan

The McMillan is our 45', 4-bedroom Single that is simple in form and refined in detail. With French-inspired design palettes and unique imported wall coverings, the McMillan is a space that’s truly elevated in all of its finishes.

It’s the small decorative details that set the McMillan apart - whether you're looking at the textiles, lighting, or the finishing, there's always something that will catch your eye. 

This is your living story, a tale of next-generation luxury in a place of peace and tranquility. The McMillan openly speaks and embraces each guest as they arrive. Special rooms to take note of are the kitchen and dining room. We'll let these spaces speak for themselves.

Let the McMillan exceed your expectations the next time you step foot into our Presentation Centre. Prepare to be blown away.

Observatory Hill Presentation Centre

Visit our breathtaking residences of Observatory Hill and escape into a dreamy, twinkling bliss. Schedule your personal appointment today.

52 David Dunlap Blvd.
Richmond Hill, ON
Mon-Thu: 1:00pm – 8:00pm
Fri: Closed
Sat, Sun, Holidays: 11:00am – 6:00pm 

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