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Better Together.

Sitting together in Studio 2’s model townhome, designed by the talented Mike Niven, Luka Zeljkovic and Armin Osmanovic take a quick break from their hectic schedules to talk about the progression of the artistic Studio condos.

Zeljkovic, Studio’s site supervisor, and Osmanovic, the project manager for Aspen Ridge’ high-rise division, have been with the organization for 8 and 10 years respectively. They’ve managed countless condo construction sites, but this dual highrise project is special.

“The location of these buildings, combined with the artistic aesthetic, makes Studio and Studio 2 stand out from other condos,” says Osmanovic. “A lot of the amenities within the suites draw people in.” Perhaps that explains why one building was simply not enough.

“The standard finishes here would be considered an upgrade elsewhere,” adds Zeljkovic,” and this project does an exceptional job of catering to a wide variety of homeowners who want to live in downtown Toronto. We have a range of units from studios to 3 bedrooms to townhomes, and not many condo projects offer all of that.”

Osgoode Station, the Shangri-La and well-known restaurants and shops are also within walking distance.

The buildings have risen quite quickly considering the project only broke in spring of 2012. Studio, the smaller north building, wrapped up over a year ago, and Studio 2 is about 90% complete.

Both employees attribute Studio’s success to strong teamwork and exceptional team members.  

“Everybody works as a team, no matter what department they’re in,” says Osmanovic. “There is mutual trust amongst all levels of the company to achieve goals.”

Zeljkovic and Osmanovic have also established a great working relationship, which enabled them to be efficient, organized and in sync. This is crucial considering there were over 200 workers on site carrying out different tasks when the project was at its peak.

The trades are another key reason why Studio looks as magnificent as it does, notes Zeljkovic. They take great care with each suite, with every detail. “We’re giving the owner something that I’m proud of, that I would want to live in. And we strive for that.”

To learn more about these magnificent condominiums, visit our website, or see us today at 25 Nelson Street. 





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