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Meet the Chelsea Super: Robert Cortese.

One of the most exciting parts of the home buying experience is getting to see the project start to come to life! On a site visit to Chelsea Maple Station, we had a chance to discuss how the building process is coming along with Chelsea Super – Robert Cortese and provide you with some construction updates.


Q&A with Robert 


Q: How long you’ve been with Aspen Ridge Homes and for how many projects? 

A: I’ve been with Aspen Ridge Homes for 20 years and I’ve worked on 10-12 sites, including Chelsea and Kettle Lakes.


Q: Can you outline some of the features of this community?

A: There are great features! The Maple GO Transit station is right next door to us. I’d say it’s one of the best amenities of the site. It really is built based upon it, making it ideal for anyone who is commuting into the city. We are also at the centre of so some many great amenities including shopping, dining, schools, as well as parks and golf courses.


Q: What stage is the construction at and how is progressing?

A: Construction is progressing very well. Most of the homes are currently in a rough-in stage. Once those are complete we will move forward to installing the drywall and the interior finishes should be starting shortly. We actually have one block that we have started to install the drywall, it’s looking great. 

Q: Can you speak to the modern architecture at Chelsea and how it is similar to Kettle Lakes? 

A: From the success of Kettle Lakes, we’re building the same style of home with a very similar type of structure, almost identical to Kettle Lakes, which are the tall townhouses. Aspen is actually one of the first developers to bring modern townhouses to Vaughan. The unique thing about these houses is the amount of light they receive. You’ve got some big patio doors and big windows so they’re pretty bright considering they’re a small townhouse. As far as the townhouses go, they’re getting much taller. We are now at 3-storeys instead of 2-storeys townhouses. Some of the main features in the townhomes are that every unit and model type of the 18 footers has a large patio door. The new style of the complex, it’s something different that hasn’t been built before. Modern townhouses are something that we’ve just started building in the last couple of years so there are definitely many differences.


Q: What are some of the differences of building a modern townhome versus a traditional home?

A: As for the modern townhomes, space is a big difference because the size of the unit is slightly smaller. We are working with much higher units than before so the height is something that we have had to learn to adapt to. Everything is higher, so you need different types of scaffolding. We need zoom booms for machines instead of just regular forklifts. Also, the roofs are different. We need flat roof type material, not a regular shingled roof so there are just a few things to adapt to with the height.


Q: What are some of the little things Aspen Ridge does differently? 

A: Aspen Ridge does a few things differently. Our standard items are a lot better than most builders that we offer standard. To name a few, our standards include oak stairs, casement windows instead of sliders laminate flooring, and great plumbing fixtures. Something we do to really set ourselves apart is a walkthrough of the unit with the homeowner. Before we begin to drywall we invite the homeowner to come in and visit the house. We go through various explanations and any questions they may have. I think it’s something that we do to go above and beyond. It gives the homeowner a chance to see the home too. And in terms of upgrades, we offer all upgrades – there’s not much we won't do for a homeowner. 

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