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Meet the Scenic Super: Surya Churamani.

With only a few units remaining and most residents already moved in, we toured the final addition to Scenic, Scenic 3 with super Surya Churamani. Surya brings an immense amount of knowledge, expertise and a whole lot of passion to this project. While showing us around the condo he spoke in great detail about all aspects of Scenic 3 and his experience working with Aspen Ridge Homes. 

Q&A with Surya

Q: How long you’ve been with Aspen Ridge Homes and for how many projects? 

A: I’ve been with Aspen Ridge for 9 years as the high-rise super. I started with Aspen’s first high-rise building, Vu and Scenic 3 is my 4th building with them.

Q: Do you like working for Aspen?

A: Oh I love to work here. The main thing is that Aspen gives you the freedom to work your own way. They respect and care about you and that what leaves me to care about my project more and more.

Q: Please take us through the building process of Scenic 3 and High-Rise Buildings. 

A: When you start building, the first thing that comes into play is shoring as we are going down so we have to protect the ground more to not collapse. With Scenic 3 we are 6 levels down and around. This is quite in-depth. The shoring goes hand in hand with excavating. Once you get there, you start with the foundations and then come up with the concrete slats and underground parking levels and then you go up higher. When the concrete gets to a certain level you can start enclosing the building. We close up the building and then move to inside starting with the drywall in the corridors and suites and then all roughing and mechanical work takes place at the same time. After the drywall is complete we get started on the finishing which includes the cabinetry, the floorings, the appliances, paint, all those kinds of things.  

Q: What are some unique features of the architecture of Scenic 3? 

A: This building is on a ravine so there will be nothing built on the North or East face in the future. Particularly, the views from Scenic 3 are also very goo, it doesn't matter which time of the season! In the wintertime, from the North facing views, you can see snow covered on top of the trees if you're in a unit on a higher level and in the fall time you see beautiful colours of the leaves changing. When it comes to the South side you're going to see the downtown view and the higher you are, the better the view. When it comes to the look of this building it has some very dominate features. The town homes especially add to the face with the way the terraces and balconies are done as well as the stonework. It all adds to the beauty of the building. 

Q: What are some of the little things Aspen Ridge does differently?

A: I have found from working with Aspen Ridge, that they really do care about their clients and customers. If they have to take an extra step to make them happy and comfortable they will do that. They build properties that they want to be proud of. It becomes a culture in the company so I have it as well. I find I don’t hesitate to make decisions because I know my company is going to support if I take an extra step to make my customers happy, safe and secure. That is what I do now. My mind set is there and I always look for those things. 

Q: Has anything about Aspen changed since you’ve worked with them?

A: I think they've become more established developers in the high-rise condo market and that's a change because when we started here we were all completely new. From the team, everyone knows their positive and negative side and how we can utilize this specific person. It’s become a very good team, working with people who you can rely on and work with knowing that there is a backup for you if there is something you have to be at.  

Q: Any additional comments?

A: I will say that being with Aspen Ridge I see that the future is there. They are moving on the right path and people have the energy. They continue to move forward in that way and that really makes everyone comfortable and happy. 

The team is there. The design is there. The property is there. Everyone feels secure and happy and satisfied to work with the company and move forward which will benefit the employees and the company at the same time. 

Q: Lastly can you take us through the amenities of Scenic 3.

A: In terms of Scenic 3, we have this building that is underground 6 levels including parking and then we have an 18 storey high tower with 10 townhomes on the south face of the building.  

Specifically, with the amenities this building has some great ones! A unique aspect at Scenic 3 is the zen garden which is in the middle of the building open to the air. It has a barbeque and a nice setting of the trees. We also have the party room complete with a bar, billiards room, and a dining hall. We have a theatre room, which people can use for their own use as well. It gives the feeling of a real theatre right in your home. In terms of exercise, we have a yoga room and gym so homeowners can meditate and keep physically fit, happy and stress-free all while participating in physical fitness. Another great amenity is the swimming pool, which features a dry sauna. From both the gym and the pool you have North facing views with high glass windows of the outdoor greenery. Finally, our lobby will have a media lounge for homeowners and their guests to enjoy.

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