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Meet The Super.

Mayfield Village is Aspen Ridge’s newest and brightest addition to Brampton. The pedestrian-oriented neighbourhood has already welcomed its first residents, and many more are eager to move in. 

Morgan Fillippilli, Mayfield Village’s superintendent, drives around the community, briefly stopping to show us the impressive single and semidetached homes.    

Foundations of this semidetached are in place. 

The brick on the exterior of these homes add elegance and character.  

And this home is almost ready for its new owners. 

Some residences won’t be ready for a while, but the ones that are nearly complete stand out from other houses in the area. Each home has its own unique exterior pattern, colour and style, and that’s something homeowners love about Aspen Ridge.    

At 30, Fillippilli is one of Aspen’s youngest superintendents, but his hard work, attention to detail and strong leadership abilities have taken him from construction clerk to super in no time. He’s also received the support he needed from Aspen Ridge to become an exceptional manager.     

Fillippilli takes pride in the fact that he’s helping to build not only homes, bur spaces for people to grow and flourish. There’s a school currently being built in the middle of Mayfield Village, and three more are anticipated to go up east and north of the community.  There’s also a park, a Smart Centre, and restaurants within walking distance.

While there are lots of young families moving into the area, Mayfield Village is suitable for anyone who wants to be surrounded by smiling faces, green spaces and blue skies.

Visit our website for more information about Mayfield Village. 

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