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Meet the Super: Surya Churamani .

Surya Churamani recently celebrated his 8th work anniversary with Aspen Ridge Homes. He still remembers the day he started, June 9, 2008. His ability to recall this date with such ease is a testament to his razor sharp memory, and his detail-oriented conduct. 

Churamani worked on Aspen Ridge’s very first high rise, Vü Condos, located in east downtown Toronto, making him an Aspen Ridge condo veteran. He’s been supervising all three Scenic on Eglinton condominiums since summer of 2010, which is the longest he’s ever worked on one site, but he’s thrilled about how things have turned out.

“Every building is different,” explains Churamani, “even when we did Scenic 1 and 2, they’re in the same area, they share the same concept, but every project has its own differences.” Don’t ask him to choose a favourite building, though. It’s like asking him to choose a favourite child. He simply cannot do it. 

 Churamani leads his team with pride and demands that the job, no matter how big or how small, is done right. He must always be planning and thinking ahead. He has to know when the elevators should be started, when the flooring will be installed, when appliances are going to be delivered, so that the project finishes on time and residents get exactly what they were promised. Right now, he’s monitoring the progress of the 6-level underground parking lot, the zen garden, pool, theatre room, condo suites, townhomes and much more.

 Though he works with dozens of employees each day, Churamani treats everyone equally, and that is one quality his team really appreciates. 

“He’s very knowledge, experienced and makes the correct calls,” adds Luca Aguanno, Assistant Superintendent of High Rise Construction. “He does everything with the project’s best interest in mind, and wants to see the building completed the right way. Just because something’s easier to do doesn’t mean he’ll do it that way – he wants to do it the right way.” 

Churamani modestly accepted the compliment, but made sure to point out the importance of teamwork. “It’s crucial that people understand that nothing could be completed without teamwork. I have two ears and one mouth - which means I listen more and speak less. As a leader, you have to listen to everyone; then you make a call and stand by your decision.”

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