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Meet the Waterdown Meadows Super: Joe Sorus.

Just outside of Hamilton, Ontario, the final phase of Waterdown Meadows is entering the final stages of construction, says site Super Joe Sorus. Over a nearly 20 year career with Aspen Ridge Homes, Joe has developed a great passion for his work and the company as a whole. He understands the value of teamwork and investing in the development of quality employees in order to produce a top-notch end product. Joe was generous enough to tell us about the site and give us the full tour, explaining his team’s processes & development every step of the way.

Q&A with Joe

Q: How long have you been with Aspen Ridge Homes and for how many projects? 

A: I’ve been with Aspen Ridge for nearly 20 years working on 10-12 projects. Together in that time we have worked to build close to 1,500 homes. The innovation of Aspen Ridge is absolutely amazing. They take new products on the market and like to install them in homes, bringing the latest into the housing market. We believe that the customer should get the best product that is out there at the time of sale.

Q: Do you like working for Aspen?

 A: I love my job and I love the company. They really trust and believe in their employees. One thing I’ve learnt at Aspen Ridge Homes is that there is no I in team. It starts from the office, the design studio, sales, marketing, and construction. We’re all one big team.

Q: Please take us through the building process 

A: To get started, I come in and take a look at the entire site. I have my team come in and we survey the area put in all the lot signs, call the surveyors to come in, they'll stake out the foundation. We get the sewer team in who will start excavating for the sewers. Once finished, we call for the inspections from the city. We start the excavation for the basement, then go into the footings. The carpenters come in they form the footings, a foreman-crew which handles the basement comes in and they pour the fillings. We ensure we are doing inspections at every single stage of the building process, it never stops.

We come in install the weeping tile then we install proper stone and paint it. After that is done, we come and take the bulldozer and basically push the fill into the foundation, bringing in the crews to install. From there, the carpenters come and install the floors, walls, roof, and the windows are ordered. At this stage, we are almost ready for wiring, but we cant wire until we have the shingles on the roof are installed. As soon as that's done we start wiring the house, installing the plumbing and heating. Now we’re at the stage of insulation. The insulation crew comes in and insulates the house. Following inspections, we start the process of dry walling. Dry walling usually takes about 10 days from instillation to the finish. All this depends on the trades and workers present. Once that is complete, we clean the house and sand floors. Now we start the tile prep, firstly is the scratch coat which is a cement base, let it dry for a day then start laying the tile. The finishes to the main floor and second floors begin with kitchen installation, trimming, paint job, door locks and any items that still need to be taken care of. We offer homeowners a PDO (Pre Delivery Orientation). This is an opportunity for the customer to come in and introduce the house at its current stage. We like to show the future homeowner specifically how the house is run. The homeowner is able to provide their feedback and pinpoint any retouching that needs to be done so when they move in the house is perfect. 

We care about every single house that we put together because it's a passion in the building industry to do what we do.  

Q: What stage are you at now?  

A: We started last June and we are now the end of March at a 90% complete stage, we've moved in roughly 40 units, which is great! We try our best to make sure the homeowners are very happy with all our work. We have another 17 more units closing in May our next second biggest month, and June will be our last closings with another 12 unit. We are right on target with the whole site having 83 units, including townhouses and singles. We've done well here!

Q: What are some of the little things Aspen Ridge does differently?

A: As a homeowner, Aspen Ridge gives you the opportunity to change or remove a wall, bathroom, bedroom, or closet to accommodate your needs whatever they may be. I know that other builders will not do that but here we do. Also, Pre Delivery Orientation (PDO) is fully Aspen Ridge. What we wanted to do was make it our own so instead of pre delivery inspection which most builders offer, Aspen wanted to give homeowners pre delivery orientation.

Q: Any homeowner tips

A: The biggest tip I could tell someone is the heart of a house is the furnace. So one thing I do suggest is keeping the filter changed all the time to make sure your furnace will last for years and years to come. 

Q: Any additional comments?

A: Buy an Aspen Ridge home and you'll be satisfied. Expect the best! You'll get the best. 

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