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Sabrina Albanese Shares Ways to Make a Small Space Feel Bigger .

Interior designer Sabrina Albanese is well-known for her artistic use of space and dramatic colour choices. She has the ability to create unique interiors that are chic, elegant and vibrant.

The Kettle Lakes Club modern townhomes, Chelsea townhomes, and DreamFields detached homes were all brought to life with the help of Sabrina’s expertise. 

Sabrina knows how to enhance a room’s strength, regardless of its size, and she let Aspire Magazine in on a few of her secrets to making the most of a small space.  

Give yourself some space

  • *Purchase small scale furniture that takes up less room
  • *Accent walls using darker colours so they look as though they’re receding
  • *Incorporate low profile furniture
  • *Ensure light fixtures are proportionate to the room
  • *Use furniture or décor that doubles as storage

Make a boring space feel like new

  • *Choose an entirely new wall colour and get painting
  • *Add wallpaper. Texturized wallpapers are very popular right now and can add a lot of personality to a room
  • *Different window coverings, either curtains, shades, or shutters, can easily change the mood or appearance of a smaller space  
  • *Buy colourful top cushions or a bold rug to make a small but noticeable change

If you’re thinking about redoing your bedroom or living area this month, here are Sabrina’s texture and pattern picks for the colder seasons


  • *Cozy Plush Velvets
  • *Soft Chenilles
  • *Mohair
  • *Faux Fur 


  • *Geometric Camo 
  • *Re-Interpreted Polka Dots
  • *Menswear inspired Stripes

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