A Visual Design Update: Studio 2 - Modern Meets Rustic.

Studio 2 is coming together with the finishing touches being put into place. This edifice embraces the warmth of rustic charm and the sophistication of modern amenities. 

The open floor plan, modern furniture, and natural architectural elements married with the simple colour scheme and large windows bring the informal elegance to life.  

Barn boards topped with a bronze finish line the black walls to create an enchanting combination of rural and urban styles. By mixing rustic elements with modern design lines, Studio 2 offers a unique atmosphere for residents to enjoy.


To add warmth to the lobby, sprinkles of yellow and red are featured in contemporary art pieces.


There’s a textural surface for every sleek one. Bronze, tinted glass mirrors are used in lieu of a black marble backsplash, making the room feel larger.

The juxtaposition of these elements within the same space creates drama and interest. The cool palette of patterns and textures emphasize scale, visual movement, and balance. 

From beaten, deep browns to bright, polished shades, Mike Niven successfully translates the essence of downtown Toronto into this exquisite interior.

The bronze finish adds richness without overpowering, sitting well with the rustic and contemporary design. Its quiet refinement is a timeless quality that brings warmth, richness, and depth into the space.

While you can purchase many condominiums in Downtown Toronto, you won’t be able find any that look like this. Drawing feminine elements out of masculine materials, this ageless, classic interior designed by Mike Niven yearns to be discovered.

Studio 2 continues the story of art meeting life. It’s the proverbial older sister to Studio: An extra touch darker, a tad hotter, a little subtler, but just as sophisticated.

To tour one of our suites, send us an email at studio@aspenridgehomes.com, or call us at 647.352.7736.