Feng Shui For Fall.


Autumn is upon us. The freshly crisp air, changing colours, and dipping temperatures are constant signs that change is imminent. These changes often ignite and inspire our imaginations, translating into common trends we see in interior design. Here we outline some of the more popular design trends as you go about the ongoing process of redecorating your home.

Marble Motifs & Accents 

Radiating with class and sophistication, marble evokes intense feelings of extravagance. It can be quite expensive to purchase large slabs for countertops or flooring but trending in design this season are home décor accents made with real or faux marble. Coasters, cutting boards, tables, clocks, or planters instantly bring that traditional luxuriousness to your interior space all while not breaking the bank.


Tech-Free Spaces 

Though it has contributed to the improvement of life across the globe, technology can often be unnecessary & distracting. Trending this fall is the concept of creating rooms and spaces throughout the home that are absent of all tech in order to induce feelings of calm & stillness. This lack of technology encourages interaction, conversation, and natural connection. More than a look, this trend strives to evoke a state of mind and diminishes superfluous distractions.


Graphic Patterns & Wallpaper 

According to designer Stacy Naquin, "Bold graphic patterns used to be the exception, but now they are the rule." This doesn’t mean you have to dive in completely and wallpaper an entire room. Alternatively, try getting your feet wet and experiment with pattern on a single wall, furniture, accessories, or even keep it subtle with wallpaper as the backing for a bookshelf. Accents of bold, vibrant pattern & texture can add drama and interest to any space.



Another fall trend is that of mixing and matching different metallic materials. This has been especially popular with rustic, salvaged metal in light fixtures and furniture legs as well as displays & cabinets. The antique feel and finish incorporates smooth textures and contributes a luster that beautifully contrasts with woods or fabrics to create balance and an upscale vibe.

Neutral Colours & Monochrome

Closing out our top fall trends is that of the neutral colour palette and monochrome design. A key aspect of this style is to use texture and shapes rather than colour and contrast to create significance within a space. Minimizing the use of different colours lends to a clean, simple, and sophisticated impression. Use comparable neutral colours or white on white to simplify your spaces and create a timeless feel.


Home style and décor really speak to the individual(s) who occupy the space. Your interior design essentially represents you and readily contributes to your moods and emotions on a daily basis. The process of designing and decorating should be an enjoyable one and fundamentally is a constant work in progress. Always remember to embrace your home and love the space you live in.