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In an effort to abide by social distancing and ensure the safety of our staff, customers and communities, we have moved our presentation centres completely online. You can continue to explore Aspen Ridge’s homes through our website, and you can reach our presentation centres by email, phone, video conference or live chat.


Positioned for Cozy Living.

Temperatures are expected to feel like an unbearable -27C this winter, so break out those faux-fur throws and knits - it's time to curl up.

Style takes a perfectly toasty turn in our Stayner West model homes. Watch the cold weather melt away in these beautifully styled rooms 

When there’s a chill in the air, nothing beats the warm and comforting glow of a blazing fireplace. The palette of warm golden hues combined with the neutral fabrics further this reading nook’s retreat appeal.

It’s all about warm neutrals, soft fabrics, and surrounding yourself with things that make you happy. The curved lines of the furniture, soft textures, and the architectural details create a sense of familiarity, while the pillows on the carpet creates a layer that invites people to engage with the space. People are tactile, so having something soft to contrast with the ground makes people want to go into the room to touch it.

Faux fur: this luscious material brings a luxurious ambience into this cozy opulence. Playing with opposites, the wire chair give it that juxtaposition of contemporary with an inviting element, making it feel less cold. Faux fur also pairs well with a variety of materials, ranging from silks to heavy wool.

While our Stayner model homes may make you want to hibernate all winter long, Stayner West is uniquely positioned to offer the best in outdoor living. 10 minutes from Collingwood and 15 minutes from Wasaga, you’re perfectly positioned for winter living when you live at Stayner West. 

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