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Prep your home for Chinese New Year.

With the Lunar New Year quickly approaching, it’s time to spiff up your house to welcome the new energy with open arms. Aspen Ridge has a foolproof list of tips to start the Year of the Pig on the right foot and make it the best one yet!

Fruit Decor 

Tangerines, dragon fruits, peaches, pomelos, and apples are some of the fruits that take centre stage on the dinner table during Chinese New Year. They add a splash of colour and a distinct aroma to enhance the mood of your home. Best of all: they’re tasty, lucky, and healthy. 

Make it Red

The colour red is famously known to bring forth good luck. Bring the lanterns, calligraphy, and envelopes for the table. They’re synonymous with good fortune and joy, and are affiliated with passion and goodwill. Add some delicate red touches to your décor and jazz up those interiors. 

(Early) Spring Cleaning

Spring comes early for those who follow the lunar calendar! However, make a note to not clean your place on New Year’s Day (or you’ll be “sweeping the luck away”—so to speak!). This ritual is known to eliminate the bad luck from the past year and make room for the new one.

Flower Frenzy

Orchids and peonies are known to be particularly auspicious and represent everything from abundance to luxury. They’re also known to have natural healing powers and enhance compassion, calming the atmosphere of your home. Plus, they’re a great choice to beautify your home and double up as a natural scent neutralizer.

Lucky Foods

Fish (prosperity), dumplings (wealth), and bean sprouts (good health) are dinner staples of the Chinese New Year meal. They’re known to hold special meanings for continued longevity, balance, and serendipity.

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