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Shape Your Space This Holiday!.

You’re relaxing in your brand new Scenic or Studio condo suite, lounging and sipping on your creamy hot chocolate in your house robe, gazing out over the remarkable sunset that casts itself over the stunning Toronto skyline. As you marvel at the beauty that is your surroundings, your attention shifts to the interior of the suite as you begin to examine your space, relishing in the ingenious layout of legendary interior designer Mike Niven.

A combination of soaring ceilings, expansive space, and elegantly modern finishes harmoniously fuse together to create a space that becomes a utopia of relaxation and comfort. More importantly, as the holidays roll around you are excited to showcase your stunning home - inviting friends, family, and co-workers to various holiday get-together to enjoy great conversation and delicious food.

Living in a condo doesn’t mean less space, it just means using your space more creatively and efficiently. So leave the stress at work, grab that hot chocolate, and take a look at some creative tips and tricks to utilize your space for your upcoming holiday hosting needs!  


Tis’ the season to not only deck the halls, it’s also the season to deck the chairs! Add to the holiday flair without taking up any extra space by jazzing up regular furniture with subtle and elegant holiday decorations. Simple additions like a miniature wreath on every chair adds the holiday touch every good get-together needs.  



A few subtle elements can really bring out the holiday spirit in otherwise basic furniture, gravitating from “every day to seasonally magical.” Hanging a single line of lights, a miniature tree, or even your holiday stockings - give your shelving that “mantle and fireplace” feel. 



Make use of excess paper by repurposing that paper into DIY forest of merry paper trees. Add pops of colour by using patterned or coloured paper to create a holiday display your guests can’t miss! The best part of this idea makes use of already existing furniture, ensuring you’re not taking up any unnecessary space. 



With a few pinecones and a splash of green, you have a holiday tree that requires no more than an inch of space. This über-simple craft by can be placed on a desk, nightstand or even a window sill — aka, it's the perfect space-saver. 



Smelling the holidays is almost just as important as seeing it. Pomanders, gingerbread, pine boughs, or a simple scented candle can fill your home with the essence of the season and takes up minimal space.  


Think you don't have room to deck the halls? Think again, you savvy space saver. With these tips and tricks, you won’t have to worry about cramping your style, or your space!



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