Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Condo.

As we rediscover the warmer weather and longer days that are welcomed with spring, we are also motivated to get that spring cleaning done. In a condo, this cleaning looks slightly different than in a home. With less space actually, means there is less area to clean but it also requires you to get more creative and utilize the space you do have to it’s absolute fullest! This spring, we want to help you declutter and organize your condo space. 

With the change of season, it’s time to go through your closets and remove various bulky winter items you no longer need. Say goodbye to heavy down jackets, knit sweaters, and winter boots. These items can all be conveniently stored in your storage locker. Don’t forget to take advantage of this added space that is available in many condos. When working with a condo space, we highly suggest vacuum sealing for airtight storage to help reduce the bulky size. This method will also help to keep your clothing clean and dry! Be sure to label each bag so when next year rolls around you’ll know where things are. When storing winter clothes you no longer have use for, you’ll also want to retrieve those warmer clothes you’ve been keeping in storage all winter long. Think of it as a clothing exchange that helps keep your closets as clutter free and organized as possible.

Since you’ll already be in your storage locker, it’s the perfect time to organize and declutter this space that you rarely visit. This is an area where clutter can tend to build up quite quickly and may even be used as a dumping ground where items get placed to be dealt with at a later date. It’s been the quickest solution and often times we forget what we even put in there as it is out of our visible living space. Take this opportunity to revaluate getting ride of belongings you don’t necessarily need. Go through each item individually and as a basic rule of thumb decide whether you want to keep it, donate it, or toss it. As you go through the items, starting placing them in three piles or boxes. Clearing out this space will help you to keep seasonal items more organized, letting you grab them when needed with ease and accessibility.

Your storage locker is also a convenient spot to store your tires since you won’t want to keep those in your condo. Grab your non-winter tires and head to the nearest mechanic to get those winter tires off. It’s time to drive off into spring!