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Decor Fall Update.

September is an exciting month because it’s filled with transitions: temperatures cool, you switch your coffee from iced to hot, you opt for red instead of rosé at dinner, and you bring out your jackets, sweaters, and boots in lieu of t-shirts, shorts, and sandals. Fall decorating is no different; when it comes to fall decorating, a few subtle décor updates can transition your home into fall seamlessly. Here are our top decor update tips: 

Cozy up with velvets and faux fur

Mayfield Model Home master bedroom

Just like your wardrobe, fall décor is all about layering with cozy, fuzzy textures. This would make your space more inviting and inject additional warm hues into the mix. Velvet and faux fur are back on trend but in a bigger way. Incorporate velvet and faux fur in throw blankets and pillows on a sofa, chair, or at the foot of the bed. Don’t forget the floor! A simple rug under the dining table or a sheepskin draped over a dining chair would make a world of difference.

Stay neutral with accents of mauve or saturated hues ranging from red to green

Mayfield Model Home dining room

Swap out your bright summer colours for more saturated hues. We love deep jewel tones because it makes rooms feel rich in both colour and texture. Mauve is the trending colour for fall 2018; it captures all the changing colours of the season beautifully. But if you’re like us and you also love a nice green, a pop here and there can take up the drama in just about any room.

Mayfield Model Home living room

Buffalo Plaid in the little accents

Buffalo Plaid is definitely having its moment right now, and it’s not going anywhere any time soon. This classic pattern has always been a staple because it can go with just about any style as long as it’s found in the little accents so it’s not too overwhelming. A cushion or throw would work perfectly – no need to be pattern-shy!





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