10 Must Try Foods at The CNE This Year.

 Every year the CNE comes to Toronto and with it comes the crazy food concoctions that vendors have created. We put together 10 must try treats from the vendors this year.

Dragons Breath Ice Cream by Eative

Eative is back at the CNE and they will be bringing their signature “Dragons Breath” ice cream this year. This delicious frozen crepe uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the snack, as well as supply the “smoke” that will billow from your nose and mouth when you bite into this frozen treat. 


Canadian Big Red Burger by Bacon Nation

 This burger’s bun may shock you with its red colour, but that is because it is infused with Frank’s Red Hot sauce! Inspired by Canada 150, this bright creation is sure to draw crowds for its unique take on a timeless classic.

The Juicy Oink by HotBunzz Street Cuisine

 This dish incorporates pork shoulder, pork belly, sausage, crispy pork skin, as well as an entire Shanghai pork soup dumpling. With all those pieces fit into one bun this dish is a must try for all pork lovers going to the CNE this year.


Last Samurai by Yatai

 If a burger with a piece of fried chicken on it wasn’t enough, Yatai has stepped it up with their ramen burger. This dish brings together North American and Asian traditions with a beef burger topped with fried chicken, between 2 ramen buns.


“Carbon Crust” from Pizza Nova

 Pizza Nova is joining the food vendor scene this year at the CNE. They will be bringing their activated charcoal pizza crust with them. With its deep black colour, this slice is sure to be a hit among CNE goers.


Southern Slang by Fran’s

Not your typical fried chicken sandwich. This creation combines fried chicken, a cinnamon churro bun, and sriracha chocolate sauce. Topped with classic southern slaw, this sandwich is sure to take your taste buds for a ride.


Strawberry Shortsteak by Philthy Phillies 

A common theme among CNE foods this year is taking a staple item, in this case a Philly Cheeseteak, and flipping it on its side. At Philthy Phillies they are doing just that with their strawberry shortcake cheesesteak. A donut bun holds steak, provolone, and whipped cream, all topped with strawberry syrup and icing sugar.

Colossal Coliseum by San Francesco’s

 Legendary Toronto sandwich spot San Francesco’s is throwing their hat in the ring this year with this crazy sandwich. Coleslaw, barbecue sauce, breaded veal, jalapeno peppers, and an entire pulled pork panzerotti that is, wait for it, deep-fried. Topped with 2 deep-fried brownies this concoction has set the bar high for all other sandwich makers at the CNE.


Cricket Cone by Bug Bistro

If eating bugs was on your summer to-do list then look no further than Bug Bistro’s Cricket Cone. Topped with coconut and chocolate covered crickets, this vanilla ice cream cone could help you beat the heat and scratch something off your bucket list at the same time.

Breakfast Bowl by Eat My Bowls 

If you’re at the CNE bright at early and looking for a full somewhat balanced breakfast, stop by Eat My Bowls. Their Breakfast Bowl is everything you want in the morning without the need for cutlery. This dish is a pancake bowl, filled with fluffy scrambled eggs, topped with bacon and drizzled with maple syrup.