A Forest Within A City.

If you’re considering moving into The Jack, but are a little worried about loosing your lush green backyard, allow us to put your worries to rest. In addition to the large outdoor terrace or balcony attached to your suite, you’ll have an entire park to explore.

Photo credit: Sally Hunter  

Located just east of The Jack is David A. Balfour Park and the Rosehill Reservoir. Together they create a green oasis in the middle of downtown Toronto. 

There are paths on both sides of Yellow Creek, which has been digging this ravine since the end of the last ice age, 10,000 years ago! It’s refreshingly quiet and pretty here, with paths on both sides to allow for walking at creek level – or high above for some scenic views of the valley.

Photo credit: Diane Begin 

Many species of birds, including, woodpeckers, cardinals and other colourful birds, love to sing in the park.

The Rosehill Reservoir, which forms the upper tier of this park, includes a four-acre reflecting pool lined with cobblestones. There is also an adjacent waterfall with a small bridge and a maze of stairs on each side.


Photo credit: Jack Lakey/Toronto Star  

Wrapped around the Reservoir, David Balfour Park features a surfaced path that's ideal for walking, jogging and cycling. It’s the perfect place to capture a little “me time.”