Bright Lights, Starry Nights .

Bright Lights and Star Filled Nights: Welcome to Toronto’s Tinsel Town

As the breath taking incandescence of the summer sun begins its departure into shorter appearances and milder temperatures – a new cavalcade of vivid colours begins to paint the Toronto landscape with an undeniable beauty that radiates throughout the entire city. This allure isn’t only a result of nature’s euphoric transition into autumn coloured leaves, but also a time of year where Toronto transforms into Hollywood North – with some of the biggest and brightest movie stars from around the world migrating north of the border for a star-studded two-week festival.  

Starting out in 1976 as a collection of films from other festivals — a "festival of festivals" — the Toronto International Film Festival has become one of the most beloved cinematic events in the world, universally regarded as an ideal platform for filmmakers to launch their careers and to premiere their new work. The Festival has been described as "the most important film festival in the world — the largest, the most influential, the most inclusive." 

If you’re one of the lucky residents who managed to move into one of our newly built Toronto landmarks, Studio Condos – you’ll find yourself in the heart of it all. A 5-minute walk from the TIFF Bell Lightbox, it’s where Financial and Cultural Districts converge, creating a swirling dynamic of dollar bills and clubland thrills traded on the most important index of all – quality of life. Ultimately, Studio has always been about where art meets life, and nothing exemplifies this more than TIFF right on your doorstep.




Living in the heart of one of the most diverse cities in the world provides you with rare opportunities to indulge yourself in the various arts, culture, and entertainment that accompanies such renowned and revered events. When the screenings are over the party just starts, as some of Toronto’s hidden gems and hotspots take center stage- playing host to the star filled population of King Street in the core of the city.   





If you’re new to the TIFF festivities, then you’re in for a pleasant treat. Discover the TIFF Festival Street – a portion of King Street between Spadina Avenue and Peter Street, that is sectioned off for a free pedestrian festival featuring pop-up shops, food trucks, and musical performances happening instead of gridlock. Get your makeup done at the L'Oreal booth, head over to a virtual reality shop, take a selfie at the TIFF sign, and then catch a free concert! 

The best part of these festivities is that you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy, as the city will be filled with numerous events that are sure to elevate your TIFF experience. So grab the popcorn and enjoy, below are the 5 can’t miss events in Toronto during TIFF!





Pharrell Williams Free Concert September 10

Although the film is not premiering at TIFF, those attending the festival will enjoy a sneak peek of a clip from the film, followed by a free concert from Pharrell performing his songs for the film’s soundtrack.






A Night With John Legend & Mark Duplass –  September 13

Singer John Legend and actor/filmmaker Mark Duplass host a free screening at the Hot Docs Cinema Tuesday, September 13. The screenings celebrate TIFF’s Vanguard program, (dark, edgy films), and the AXE Collective’s upcoming filmmakers.






The Drake Hotel’s LA Takeover

September is the month Hollywood moves north, but not just for film – we’re talking music, arts, and food! For the entire month of September, the Drake Hotel will be bringing LA-based chefs, art installations and California-inspired music and events.






Virtual Reality  - September 16 – 18  

Building off of last year’s enormous success of their virtual reality series POP VR, TIFF is once again bringing back the virtual reality exhibit. This year’s virtual reality narratives will follow an observational look at the holy shrines in India, a narrative performance from Cirque du Soleil and an interactive animation piece about an alien invasion.  






People’s Choice Award Screening

Line up early and get your free ticket to see the 2016 People's Choice Award-winning film, FOR FREE. 




Living in the heart of both the entertainment and financial districts is a tough feat to achieve when looking to live in our vibrant, yet highly competitive city.  That’s why Studio2 breathes such a fresh ray of light into the already busy Toronto skyline, boldly defining both the districts in which it resides. A bit of both worlds, yet a world entirely unto itself.

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