Camp WEST.

Make 2018 a summer to remember by signing your kids up for the camps of their dreams! From comedy sketches to windsurfing, we’ve rounded up the most unique summer camps in Toronto. This is the perfect way for your child to experience new activities, grow in character, and most importantly, have fun!

Not Sports Camp 
Ages 10 – 12
Full day, one-week camp

Active kids who want to move around and be outside in the summer but are tired of the traditional soccer-baseball sports camps may be more interested in the NOT Sports Camp offered by U of T. Campers play nontraditional games like Capture the Flag, KIN-BALL, inner tube water polo, dodgeball and even Quidditch!

Princess or Superhero Camp
Ages 3 – 7
Full day

Performing Dance Arts is offering two magical camps surrounding princesses and superheroes. Princesses partake in two royal dance classes every day and spend the rest of their time playing dress up, learning proper princess etiquette at tea parties, playing games, and making arts and crafts. Superheroes tackle hero stunts and dance moves from their favourite comic books, make their own masks and capes, and work their way through obstacle courses. 

Comedy Camp 
Ages 7 – 17

Have a funny bone and looking for an alternative to theatre camp? Your kids might just find their niche on stage at The Second City. Campers can hone their improv skills, and work on their communications skills, creative thinking and spontaneity. They will develop confidence in their own imagination while working as part of a group to create sketches, and at the end of the week, family and friends are invited to laugh at the final show. All camps are taught by experienced instructors and actors from The Second City.

MasterChef Junior Camp
Ages 4+
Full day, one-week camp

Are your kids hungry for fun? Want something new, educational, and fun to occupy your child this summer? Aspiring chefs will really sink their teeth into this camp as they work through essential kitchen skills, recipe development, and, of course, kitchen challenges such as the Mystery Box Challenge (just like on TV!).

“Campers will have the afternoon to open their baskets and work in groups to prepare an appetizer, main course and dessert, all to be judged by their chefs,” says camp founder Shai Mandel. “The emphasis of our MasterChef Jr. program is to learn to cook from your heart rather than recipes.”

The best news for parents is that campers prepare daily snacks and meals as they go, so no packed lunches are required! 

Urban Adventure Camp
Ages 10 – 13
Full day, one-week camp

This weekly program aims to teach kids how to navigate and appreciate everything their city has to offer on transit and on foot. Campers will have the chance to explore, learn, taste, play, compete, and build wherever they go. By the end of the week, scouts develop the confidence and knowledge to capture adventures within the city as campers get themselves from place to place and discover Toronto’s best from east to west.

Windsurfing Camp 
Ages 10 – 17
Full day, one-week camp (TWC recommends two weeks for beginners)

Take advantage of the hot weather and get your kids on the water while you can. The Toronto Windsurfing Club (TWC) is offering a summer camp for kids who want to learn to windsurf. There are three skill levels to choose from (beginner to advanced). Campers will learn basic sailing concepts, seamanship, and water safety. Enjoy a week full of games and activities, both in the water and out, and a weekly windsurfing cruise and picnic at Ward’s Island Beach.

Debate camp
Grades 5 – 11
Full day, one-week camp

“If you have a kiddo who makes a point of trying to argue his way out of every small chore and finds pleasure in verbally challenging you, you can turn those moments into a lifelong skill at debate camp. Campers will learn proper debating and public speaking techniques, develop strong persuasion skills, and participate in two or three rounds of debate each day, so hopefully he won’t have the energy to challenge you when you ask him to put his laundry away when he gets home. This is an empowering camp that teaches kids of all skill levels how to speak to a variety of audiences.”

Aviator camp 
Ages 8 – 10
Full-day, one or two-week camp

Campers take charge in this camp as pilots who make their own paper airplanes, explore Da Vinci’s amazing flying machines, and create blueprints for their own flying inventions. They will also explore the original (and most beautiful) flyers: birds. Campers will sketch and paint their feathers, wings and flight paths.

Spider Camp 
Ages 5 – 16
Full or half day, two-week camp

For summer 2018, be prepared to get up close and personal with eight-legged creatures. “From spinning webs, dancing, swimming, to even losing a limb and growing it back, spiders are one of the most amazing animals on the planet! Ignite your curiosity, and see spiders in a whole new light in the ROM’s new exhibition Spiders: Fear & Fascination.” Campers will see spiders—and other spaces and exhibits around the museum as they explore art, culture and nature through a variety of courses.

Opera Camp 
Grades 1 – 12
Full day, one-week camp

Over the course of this camp with the Canadian Opera Company, kids will learn to create operas and perform them on a real stage. Campers will work with a professional composer, designer, accompanist, vocal specialist and drama specialist, and be truly immersed in the world of opera.