Canada’s First Urban National Park: Live by the Rouge.

Rouge Park is an absolutely stunning natural gem located along the boarder of Pickering. Until last week, many people have only heard of it or driven by, but it’s almost guaranteed to attract more visitors now that it has been named Canada’s first urban national park.

Home to amazing biodiversity and one of the region’s largest marshes, Rouge Park has also become the first park established in the Rouge River watershed to prohibit urban development. With nature, and cultural and agricultural landscapes, the national urban park will protect and restore this vital ecosystem in Canada’s largest urban centre. Poised to be one of the largest urban parks in the world, Rouge Park will be 18 times bigger than New York’s Central Park!

Rouge Park protects a rare Carolinian forest, which is home to over 1,700 species of plants and animals, including 23 species that are at risk, and provides the only protected ecological connection for wildlife between the Oak Ridges Moraine and Lake Ontario in the Toronto area.

Located within Canada’s most populated and culturally diverse metropolitan area in the GTA, Canadians will finally have a chance to directly experience wild nature without leaving the city. This park opens the door to celebrate an exciting new era, with 7 million people living within a one-hour drive of the Rouge Valley. One of Aspen Ridge Homes’ newest developments, New Seaton, will be right in Pickering, and only about a 20-minute drive away from this tranquil oasis.

Capitalize on the opportunity to camp, paddle, and hike on one of the region’s largest marshes and unspoiled beaches with human history dating back over 10,000 years.  Rouge Park will provide city dwellers a much-needed opportunity to get into nearby nature.

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