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Family Day in the city.

Get ready, get set — it’s time for the long weekend! Cherish those precious moments with the ones that matter most and show your appreciation.

Stumped for ideas on what to do this Family Day weekend in the city? We’ve got a fantastic mix of activities lined up just for you. 

Indoor Rollerblading at Scooter's Roller Palace

Move aside, skating rinks. Try out rollerblading this long weekend and sing along to the hits. Feel right in the moment when the neon lights dance around and let the positivity flood the room. Show off some moves if you’re good and help out those who need a hand. It’s a guaranteed hit for the whole gang! 

Centennial Park Greenhouse  

If your family loves nature and quaint trails, then Centennial Park is a winner. Explore the greenhouse which is filled with a stunning array of cacti, tropical plants, trees, flowers, and more. There’s also a peaceful koi pond to admire. Still want more? Explore the 189 hectares of West side charm. 

Pop Some Tags

Go on a thrift shopping adventure and (for the competitive ones) turn it into a challenge where each family member can find the most outrageous pieces. It’ll be sure to result in some funny stories and laughter. Bonus: get the kids to clean out their stuff and explain the importance of donating — helping out the environment and society. Bam! Two birds with one stone.

Scarborough Bluffs

The beautiful bluffs extend 15 kilometres along Lake Ontario’s shore. They form when sedimentary deposits accumulate over time. Stay safe and far away from the edges — the snow-capped bluffs are truly a sight to behold. There’s a good reason why it’s deemed as the gem of Scarborough.

Adopt a Furry Friend

Visit an animal shelter and bring a new member of the family home. There are hundreds of furry creatures looking for a warm new home, so why not adopt one this weekend? Pets are shown to reduce blood pressure and increase the levels of happiness hormones in your brain, and your kids will learn valuable life skills over the course of their time spent with their pet.

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