Sip Your Way Around Simcoe.

Something great is brewing down by the bay. Take a day over the weekend to explore these five brewing companies that lie at the edge of Southern Georgian Bay, 15 minutes from Stayner West. 

The Collingwood Brewery
10 Sandford Fleming Drive, Collingwood, ON.

Set amongst the natural wonder of Collingwood, The Blue Mountains, and Georgian Bay, this 2016 Ontario Brewing Award winner is dedicated to producing only the freshest, all-natural beer. The selection of beers aims to reflect international flavours from around the world. In addition to brewery tours, the establishment also has an onsite taproom that is used for everything from beer sampling to food and beer pairings to private events. Come for the beer and stick around for the company!

Creemore Springs
139 Mill Street, Creemore, ON.

Inspired by the time-honoured tradition of European brewing, Creemore Springs has you covered whether you like it big and bold, or smooth and refreshing. Everything is brewed in small batches in an authentic copper kettle to give their beer complexity, balance, and flavor. Add some local spring water, barley malt, hops, and yeast, and you get yourself something special. Visitors are welcomed with a beer-tasting bar, brewery tours, a retail store, and an outdoor beer garden.  

Northwinds Brewhouse
499 First St., Collingwood, ON.

Northwinds Brewhouse creates globally inspired hand crafted beers paired with innovative, locally sourced, and seasonally focused food. A diversity of small batch beers is available at all times – from light (in colour) to dark beers, low alcohol to high, a variety of yeasts, ales and lagers, and really fun beer style throughout.

Side Launch Brewing Company
200 Mountain Rd Unit 1, Collingwood, ON.

An arduous day spent trying to do things to the best of your ability should be capped off with a Side Launch made by folks who believe in the same things you do: good things come from hard work. This winner of the 2016 Canadian Brewing Awards gets its inspiration from the area’s deep-rooted history of shipbuilding. All the beer uses Collingwood water filtered through their in-house filtration system, a blend of imported and domestic malts, and European and North American hops. More specifically, Side Launch’s Bavarian-style Dark Lager, Mountain Lager, and Wheat follow the very stringent Reinheitsgebot, the Bavarian purity law of 1516 that limits the ingredients used to four: water, hops, yeast, and malted barley. And in the instance of wheat beer, one extra ingredient: wheat malt. Lastly, no Side Launch beer is ever filtered or pasteurized, as these processes can strip away the very flavours that make a Side Launch so unique.

Wasaga Beach Brewing Company
12 Main Street, Wasaga Beach, ON

Wasaga Beach Brewing Company is about sand in your toes and jamming to rock and roll on the radio. Located at the shores of the longest freshwater beach in the world, where, for generations, Canadians have left behind the daily grind to seek sun and fun, Wasaga Beach Brewing Company makes sure to a put little bit of that in each brew. The Company was launched in 2016 with their Beach 1 Cerveza, the perfect summer beer named after Wasaga Beach's perennial hot spot. Beer lover? It’s smooth, crisp, and refreshing. Connoisseur? It’s a smooth light beer with pleasant malt and hop notes, and a round dry finish. Come and enjoy the live music while you’re at it!