Toronto's Top Vegan Restaurants.

Toronto has seen an explosion of vegan options over the past few years in grocery stores, food courts, and a string of new restaurants. Shedding its tofu and granola stereotypes, vegans and non-vegans both are interested in seeing what this powerful movement has to offer. We’re here to help you discover that!

2277 Bloor St. W.

The term “awai” refers to the way food can be cooked without manipulating it too much, allowing its inherent flavours to shine. That is exactly what Isberg, the executive chef does at this restaurant. From pay-what-you-want service to prix fixe tasting menus, Awai has no menus, no prices, and no tips as service is included in what you decide to pay!

Kupfert and Kim
140 Spadina Avenue

A delicious quick-service restaurant that is awesome for humans, animals, and our planet. Everything from the sauces, pickles, to patties is made in-house and the ingredients come from suppliers that the company has thoroughly vetted and trust. Vegan and gluten-free, Kupfert and Kim serves classics like Paleo boxes, smoothie bowls, burgers, salads, and waffles. The owners of Kupfert and Kim have also opened a new vegan restaurant called ‘Hello 123’ on Queen St. W.

1263 Queen St. W.

Be prepared to expect greasy, spicy, saucy, and cheesy junk food that’s entirely vegan. Doomie, the executive chef himself, is not a vegan, but started this restaurant when he grew tired of eating at terrible vegan places with his vegan friends. The goal was to make everything good enough, not just for vegans, but for the people they drag out as well.

1221 Bay St.

For people looking for more artful, delicate creations, Planta finds versatility using only plant-based ingredients; so don’t expect to find any nut “meat” or “milk” here. Instead, discover plant-based dishes such as coconut ceviche, meat- and cheese-less pizza, and carrot dogs at this sky-lit restaurant. 

1265 Queen St. W.

This vegan diner imitates classics so well that they’ll fool most carnivores: poached “eggs” have yolks that run, and NY strip “steaks” bleeds. Everything from the cashew-based butter to vegan cheese is made in-house.

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