Uncover WEST.

Want to experience what it actually means to live in downtown Toronto? Then King West is where you’ll want to be. With its bustling nightlife, eclectic restaurants, and some of the city’s best beauty and fitness hotspots, you’ll be at the centre of it all when you live at WEST.

Hop aboard Streetcar 504 at King St. W. and Niagara St., and let it take you to all that King St. W. has to offer. It’ll only take us three streetcar stops down King to paint you a picture of what it means to live at the epicentre of downtown Toronto.

First stop: King St. West at Tecumseth St.


Delysees is an authentic modern French bakery. The sleek white walls make the perfect backdrop for the baked goods, all made on site and artfully displayed on simple white and slate platters.

Second stop: King St West at Bathurst St 

CHILL Ice House Toronto

Welcome to Canada’s largest ice lounge, where the tables, chairs, bar, and glassware – even the curtains, are made of ice. Experience Canada’s giant deep freezer that serves booze and bites.


Inspired by a piece of art, EFS stands for “Everything’s For Sale”. This nightclub is filled with leather booths and adorned with vintage ads, featuring a 3000 sq ft rooftop bar, hookah lounge, and Hamptons-style deck party with white clapboard walls and manicured hedges.


Experience modern Japanese cuisine with a Southern American flare in the high-energy vibe of this chic restaurant.


Inspired by the Italian way of life, and designed for any time of day, Oretta presents authentic Italian fare with modern day classics.

Third stop: King St W at Portland St


The epitome of good times, WVRST is a modern German beer & cider hall that specializes in artisan sausages.


World-renowned Chef, Susur Lee invites you to join him for an unforgettable evening in his Asian & French-influenced restaurant. Conservation hums as you are served a delectable palette of small-plate dishes, ideal for sharing with your partner and tablemates.

Portland Variety

Old school feel, this charming café has chalkboards & marble counters that morph into a diner and tapas bar as the day unfolds.


Locally sourced, Buca’s rustic Italian menu is constantly changing from season to season – it’s a modern classic built on the perfect balance of old world and new. Come embrace the warm hospitality and experience one of Canada’s top restaurants rated by critics since its opening.

Lost and Found

Frequented by The Weeknd, Justin Bieber, and LeBron James, this nightclub is the place to be. Inspired by the quote, “not all those who wander are lost”, Lost and Found presents a unique space with a sense of adventure intertwined with the sweet sadness of fading memories.

Cutting edge, cool, and rapidly expanding because of its lure and charm, King West is Toronto’s answer to New York’s sublime Soho Village. This is the epicentre of big city living, where young professionals live where they work and work where they live. We only named a few of the many destinations that covet the neighbourhood; keep riding the 504 down King St. W, and you’ll find new corners to uncover every day.