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In an effort to abide by social distancing and ensure the safety of our staff, customers and communities, we have moved our presentation centres completely online. You can continue to explore Aspen Ridge’s homes through our website, and you can reach our presentation centres by email, phone, video conference or live chat.


VIP Access To A VIP Community.

Throughout the GTA, there are many pockets of highly sought neighbourhoods that boast impressive and top quality nearby schools, great recreational facilities, and provides an overall safe and high quality of life for you and your family. Of these neighbourhoods, Maple has emerged as one of the most affluent and highly desirable, rapidly evolving into a vibrant and blossoming community filled with a variety of endearing qualities. Maple is a haven for community inclusiveness and family orientation, as you will find this city was masterfully planned to accommodate all types of people, traffic, and communities. Simply put, Maple has flourished into a location perfectly ideal for family living.  

That’s why we were unbelievably excited to break ground in Maple for our newest community, Chelsea Maple Station. The Chelsea embodies everything Maple, from the strong build to the modern and trendy aesthetics – The Chelsea is Maple’s newest addition to our long line of quality built communities. 

Living downtown and thinking of coming down to view the model suites? Good news, Chelsea Maple Station is directly beside Maple Go Station, giving you the ability to access downtown within 40 minutes! The beauty of Chelsea Maple Station is the ease of commuting, so whether your working downtown, Scarborough or even Markham, you’re always easily accessible to every part of the GTA. 

Of course with an outstanding and unique project like this comes a long list of interested parties itching to view the prices and floorplan. The grand opening of the project has over 3000 interested parties flocking to view the mesmerizing project that is Chelsea Maple Station. 

Now we know that life rarely throws opportunities of a lifetime at us, so this time we decided we’ll play the role and give you the lifetime opportunity ourselves.

Exclusively this week, you will have the opportunity to register on our website to receive exclusive VIP access to the model homes, 2 days before the actual grand opening! By registering for the VIP list you stay up to date on all news, project updates, and important information about the project, but also are able to see first-hand the features, benefits, and amenities the city of Maple provides right at your potential future front door step.  Beat the rush, take it all in, and register today for The Chelsea Maple Station!

Visit www.aspenridgehomes.com to view our gallery and to register for this community!





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