Wake Up WEST.

Sure it's known for its nightlife but King West is just as alluring when the sun comes up. On your way to work or as a breakfast destination, West holds a pocket of coffee shops that are sure to wake up those tastebuds.

Quantum Coffee
460 King St. West
Weekdays from 7AM - 7PM

Quantum Coffee is a bright, minimal and futuristic coffee shop that mirrors the tech companies that neighbour the location. They offer a curated selection of single-origin beans and Greenhouse juices for those non-java drinkers. Take your cup into the lounge area - a perfect place to plug in your laptop and get to working.

Thor Espresso Cafe
35 Bathurst St.
Weekdays from 7AM - 6PM

Thor Espresso is tucked away in a little corner of Bathurst St. and Wellington St. W. It’s a convenient place to grab a to-go latte. Wanna stay a while? They have a patio so you can enjoy your coffee under the sun.

Nadége Patisserie
780 Queen St. West
Weekdays from 8AM - 8PM

Wake up and head straight to the most heavenly croissants, sandwiches and coffees on this or possibly any hemisphere. Nadege Patisserie is known for their exquisite French pastries and baked goods. The standards of excellence are so high, there’s a rumor that they even import their butter from France.

Portland Variety
587 King St. West
Weekdays from 7:30AM - 11PM

It’s like a delightful morning triage. Merciful staff lay out invigorating options of fresh baked goods and delicious sandwiches. Don’t forget the healing coffee in your desired prescription and dose.

Jimmy’s Coffee
107 Portland St.
Weekdays from 7AM - 8PM

Jimmy’s flagship shop is the headquarters of a small, secret society, disguised as a neighbourhood home on a once sleepy street. Enjoy your morning brew on the charming backyard patio or on the go - we’ll know where you’ve been thanks to Jimmy’s iconic yellow cup lid.