February Fitness Challenge.

As February draws near, it has a way of making single people feel like they’re the minority of the population. Forget that! This February, we challenge you to try a fitness class that is out of the box - we challenge you to increase your mind-body awareness. February is an amazing opportunity to shower yourself with all the adoration and self-care that it deserves. Remember that the most magical and valuable relationship you’ll ever be in is the one you have with yourself.

  1. Brass Vixens

This sexually liberating, emotionally cathartic form of expression is not only an incredible core and upper-body strength builder, but also an amazing exploration of self. This transformative type of resistance training twists and twirls, giving you a fantastic, fun workout and toned muscles. Redirect energy toward what your body can do.

  1. Rage Room

Select your weapon and demolish furniture and crockery. Here, you’re allowed to smash anything you want - destruction is encouraged. Let off a little steam and smash to the beat of your choice of music. This is your chance to get in tune with your mind and collect your thoughts.

  1. The Underground Dance Centre

A fusion of the strong attitude from Hip Hop with the sexiness of burlesque, Heels will make you feel the heat. Join this high energy, action packed dance class, and learn choreography that involves swinging your hair, swaying your hips, and loving your body. So strap on some heels (or not) and get some awesome cardio in this month.

  1. Fly Queen West

Hang about in silk and decompress you spine. When gravity holds you back, aerial yoga will help you soar. Increase your strength, flexibility, and satisfy your sense of adventure while challenging your mind. Looking confident can help you feel confident. 

  1. Toronto Kickboxing & Muay Thai Academy

Kick and punch your way to a stress-free zone. Front, side, and roundhouse kicks work your legs and glutes, while punching and jabbing tones the upper arms, shoulders, and chest. Meanwhile, the non-stop shuffling, ducking, and side bends will engage your core. Put everything together, and you’ll find yourself doing cardio without really noticing it. Find confidence in knowing that you have the ability to take control.