Neighbourhood Know-How.

Whether on your own or with family and friends, moving to a new home is always a big life change and it is important to really learn and understand what your next potential destination has to offer. From amenities to transportation corridors, there are many aspects to consider when selecting where you want to settle. Depending on your occupation, living style, and primary responsibilities – these aspects have a different weight of importance. But regardless of your living needs, each of the following are essential factors of selecting the right neighbourhoods one must assess prior to purchasing a new home.  


Prior to any purchasing decision, it’s important to research the closest schools within the area. Making sure your children are getting the best the school has to offer plays a big role in not only your piece of mind – but in selecting your next neighbourhood. Some factors to identify are

  •  Records & Awards

  •  Academic Performance

  •  School Community Initiatives

  •  Average Class Size

  •  Student To Teacher Ratio

  •  Lunch & Recess Monitors

  •  School Bus Programs/Routes

  •  Strong Allergy/Food Item Policies



When moving, it is important to identify and plan ahead for how your new change of location will affect your daily work commute. That’s why it is crucial for you to select a home in a neighbourhood that offers a variety of different options to get to work every day. Things such as

  • Bus Routes & Options

  • Train Routes & Options

  • Average Commute Time Based on Your Method of Transportation

  • Accessibility to Highways & Main Streets

  • Average Distance From Your Place of Employment

  • Proximity to Toronto or to Closest Major Town/City



A monetary breakdown of your monthly expenditures and liabilities are a mandatory facet that must be evaluated when purchasing a new home and mortgaging it. Of these fiscal factors, average property tax for the neighbourhood should be something you should evaluate. 

Very commonly, property taxes become part of the monthly mortgage payment which is essential to factor in when you are assessing the affordability of a new home or neighbourhood.

Property taxes differ city to city and neighbourhood to neighbourhood – allowing you to compare them to get the best housing value for your dollar.

It is important to know that your property taxes are calculated based on the assessed value of a property—not directly, but relative to the municipal average.


Even those looking for a tranquil neighbourhood of serene silence and relaxation are looking for entertainment, dining, and retail options within proximity. When purchasing your new home, take time to really look into what the area has to offer. Our city is a mosaic of different cultures and traditions, which translates into vastly unique and culturally distinct restaurants, retail stores, and community events that assist in brining community residents together. Look for

  • Nature Trails & Parks

  • Outdoor Recreational Sport Facilities

  • Bike Lanes

  • Local Theatre (Both Live & Film)

  • Restaurants

  • Shopping Centres

  • Annual Community Events

  • Proximity to Community Centres

  • Community Centre Recreational Classes, Swimming, and Sports

  • Hospitals, Walk-in Clinics, and Pharmacy’s


At Aspen we pay meticulous attention to all these details, as we strive to create world class communities in all endeavors we undertake, in order to fuse all the above characteristics that make up a high quality neighbourhood. If you want to find out more information about our upcoming communities, as well as their abundance of features and amenities, visit