Segway to Scenic.

Exciting times are on the horizon for the city of Toronto, as the city continues its push for a stronger transit infrastructure that will expand into area’s outside the core of the city.  High density, high population areas will now have efficient access to areas of downtown that previously would need a long commute to reach.  It’s all part of an optimistic new package of proposals that would see a full-fledged transit network finally emerge across the city.

Above all else, this is another step in the right direction for a more streamlined and efficient system -  one that can ease the burden of both morning and evening rush hour commutes for those coming from all parts of the city.

One of the most highly anticipated components of this exciting and innovative expansion is the new LRT Line – short for Light Rail Transit. This proposed LRT project named Eglington Crosstown, will see a proposed line run across Eglinton Avenue between Mount Dennis (Weston Road) and Kennedy Station. This 19-kilometre corridor will include a 10-kilometre underground portion, between Keele Street and Laird Drive. Set for completion in 2021- the crosstown project will be the largest transit expansion in the history of Toronto.

Now segway over to the intersection of Brentcliffe and Eglington, just a stone’s throw away from the new crosstown project – and you’ll find Leaside’s crown jewel – Scenic on Eglington Condos.  Already a modern condo complex infused with an abundance of amenities, the new LRT expansion brings an element of convenience that is unrivalled compared to other condos in the area.

The infographic below shows how the new LRT will shape the future of transit in Toronto. Utilizing a more streamlined approach and building a more extensive network will drastically improve the daily commute of every rider in the city. If you’re one of the lucky people who purchased a scenic condo – your minutes away from this exciting new addition.

Don’t think the expansive new transit expansion will take you away from the serenity of nature, because Scenic is about being connected, but not over-connected. It's a mid-town location that's minutes to everything, yet quiet enough to call home. Just a frisbee throw away from over 32 km of invigorating walking trails and bike trails, here you are surrounded on all sides by more city parks than any other condominium community available in Toronto today.

Scenic sets the standard for comfortable living in Leaside, now only bolstered by the expansion of the LRT system that can take you to and from the city in half the usual time – easing your travel and ultimately your life.

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