Thanksgiving Countdown.

It’s five days before Thanksgiving and the final countdown is on. With Thanksgiving coming up this weekend, it’s time to fill up on turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce with your family. In this blog, we will be going over what you need for a fantastic meal and where to get it in Pickering, along with some tips to make this Thanksgiving memorable.

Table Settings
Cozy Living Inc.
1755 Pickering Parkway
Pickering, ONNothing says falls more like crisp orange accents, textured layers, and pumpkins.  A beautiful presentation gives everything a little extra flavour, so go fun and glitzy, or dark and sophisticated with a gorgeous tablescape that will wow your guests. Whether you choose to incorporate gourds and pumpkins into the centrepiece, turn towards natural elements for easy and elegant ways to embellish your Thanksgiving table. These are available at most home décor stores, such as Cozy Living Inc in Pickering. Get your house Thanksgiving ready quickly and easily with their great selection of accessories and centrepieces.

Farm Fresh Vegetables
Stroud Farms
775 Kingston Rd
Ajax, ONA great meal begins with fresh ingredients. Stroud Farms has been providing fresh fruits and vegetables since the 1960’s. Here, you can get all the fall vegetables you’ll need for those classic Thanksgiving dishes. With everything from corn, squash, and pumpkins, to cranberries and apples, Stroud Farms is a one-stop shop for all your fruit and veggie needs. Also be sure to check out their homemade pie selection, since no Thanksgiving is complete without some pumpkin pie!

Cider & Wine
Applewood Farm Winery
12416 McCowan Rd
Stouffville, ONWhat is a celebration without drinks? With cooler temperature coming in, a nice cider or wine goes perfectly with a Thanksgiving meal. Applewood Farm Winery offers over 10 different types of wine and cider, made in-house using home grown ingredients, with differing flavours for all to enjoy. Start the night off with a bottle of dry sparkling cider, then go bright for the main course to prepare your mouth for each bite, and finally, end the night off with something more sweet to pair with dessert.

Bruno’s Signature
375 Kingston Road
Pickering, ON
Thanksgiving is not Thanksgiving without a roasted turkey. Luckily, getting the perfect turkey has never been easier in Pickering. With turkey ordering from Bruno’s, you simply fill out an online form to choose the size of your dream turkey, when you want to pick it up, and you’re done. Bruno’s turkeys are guaranteed to be tasty, healthy, responsibly produced and free of antibiotics. With the additional options of adding gravy, dressing, cranberry sauce, baked ham, and pumpkin pies, Bruno’s truly has all that you could ask for. Be sure to take advantage of this one-stop shop for everything Thanksgiving meal related. If you’re looking for something different, try the smoked turkey for a delicious new experience.