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Not Just A Clothing Store: H&M’s Home Store Is All About Design And Detail.

Toronto’s flagship H&M store, located about 10 minutes away from Studio condos, opened its doors to its Home line last month. I finally had the chance to go check it out this weekend, and see what all the buzz was about.

H&M as a clothing store has long been known for its fashionable finds at affordable prices. This notion can now be applied to the home, with a forward-thinking line offering something for every room. Many of the pieces in the line work as great complements to existing decor - it really is all in the detail. And as expected, H&M gives you prices that cannot be beat with most items ranging from $10 - $30.

 I’ve put together a short list of some of my favourite trends H&M Home has managed to nail.


We’re seeing a major trend with copper accents in the interior design world. At this year’s Toronto Design Week, a set of copper lighting shades was showcased at The Gladstone Hotel.

Add some greens to the pot, some light to the candleholder, and let this gorgeous wire basket sit around until it’s needed.


These wooden boxes help give off a warm, homey and rustic vibe while still maintaining a modern appeal. Add a box of your choosing to your dining room table. Makes a perfect place to store your S&P and O&B, if you know what I mean.  


You can’t go wrong with a trio of shapes with these sleek black glass vases that help give dimension and perspective to a room. Set up with some leafy greens or single flowers to add life to the dark decor.


Brighten up your living room by adding accent pillows to a neutral coloured couch. The Home line has many different colours and textures to can choose from to create your own unique, personalized living space. The perfect atmosphere to both live and entertain in can be achieved with a splash of yellow or light blue combined with a more subtle grey or crisp white. Or go completely bananas with a whole couch filled with Warholesque banana pillows. Either option will leave you comfier than before.


Give your glassware a facelift by adding a pop of colour with these funky green tinted glasses and jugs. Imagine entertaining guests this summer with a decorative glass of fruity sangria on a warm night. Perfection!

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