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Preserving A Rich History .

There is an unarguable beauty in history. The awe of previous generations, their lives, their stories, and the places they pioneered all amount to something unique and intrinsically human.

We speak languages that are inherited from the past, and live in societies that borrow traditions and practices from cultures that paved the way for us decades or centuries ago.

Cleave View Estate carries with it an elegant, storied piece of Ontario’s history, which is now being used as the foundation for one of Brampton’s finest estate community.

Cleave View Estate’s roots can be traced back to 1955 at Wilbert Cleave’s pastoral dairy farm. Now in 2016, we leverage Mr. Cleave’s hard work and perseverance through creating Brampton’s most beautiful community by using elements of his family farm to create a sense of unity and distinction. 

From charming barn doors, to strong, impressive pieces of wood and metal adorning public spaces, the Cleave will be rich in culture, design and heritage. Bringing together elements that aren’t commonly found side by side – these homes will unite traditional and contemporary architecture that incorporates brick, stone, stucco, and architectural board. 

Effortlessly blending the line between old-world charm and modern prestige, each home exudes a refined sophistication and the charm of the neighbourhood’s natural elements and character. 

Living here means living amongst lush green space and forest without losing the necessities, or ease of your modern life. With Cleave View Estate’s proud Canadian history, Aspen Ridge is committed to building, defining and perfecting this community so that residents can feel truly rooted and culturally enriched.

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